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1884 Wine and Tapas Bar Hull

Come and savour the 1884 culinary experience.

1884 Wine & Tapas Bar
Freedom Quay // Wellington Street West
Marina // Hull // HU1 2BE

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Menu makeover brings flavours to the fore

The main menu at 1884 Wine & Tapas Bar has undergone its latest makeover with the addition of some exciting and intriguing new dishes alongside a few old favourites.

We’ve also made a few changes to the dessert selection and we’ve added a range of dessert wines, port and sherry.

Our commitment to using the finest local produce and the highest quality imported ingredients is once again reflected throughout the menu. They include fresh fish from the North Sea, meat from suppliers Andrew Little and Anna’s Happy Trotters and herbs including rosemary, thyme and green mizuna from Herbs Unlimited at Thirsk. We also offer locally-sourced beer and wine to drink and to douse some of the dishes!

Our oven-baked whole seabass has proved popular from day one, our battered prawns are now flavoured with Wold Gold ale and the mussels are cooked with the Hull Viticulture 2017 white wine. Wild mushrooms with Thirsk rosemary are served with oak-smoked Wensleydale and there’s also a Yorkshire blue two ways, with a homemade marmalade. Meatballs, calamari and the famous hanging skewers are all still available.

The dessert menu features a brownie with dark chocolate, almond, cherry and Disaronno liqueur, a crème brulee flavoured with coffee from the Blending Room, an apple crumble with basil from Thirsk and s tricky toffee sponge with salted caramel sauce. The best thing about this time of year is winter food! Call us on 01482 216306 to book a table.


Children’s menu is a family favourite

With completion of road works making the marina and Fruit Market area more family-friendly we’ve taken the opportunity to launch our dedicated children’s menu.

The selections feature a mini paella with homemade garlic bread or Manchego cheese on homemade bread with cucumber sticks. Other options are chicken breast with potato scallops and garden peas or braised beef with mashed potatoes and beef sauce.

All dishes are made with fresh ingredients and served with a dessert of fresh fruit, and the price for the lot is just £5.

Deborah Spicer, manager of 1884 Wine & Tapas Restaurant, said: “We get a lot of families here and they can usually find something on the menu that children like but we felt we could make things a bit easier and more affordable.

“With the completion of the public realm works, families are visiting The Deep and Dinostar and then having a wander round. It will get busier at half term and then into spring and summer and we’ll be ready with a children’s menu which is fresh, full of flavour and just £5!”


Marmalade adds zing to cocktail collection

If marmalade makes you think of 1960s pop groups and Paddington Bear, think again because the bitter sweet treat is adding some real zing to our new cocktail menu.

Our 1884 Marmalade Martini combines Star of Bombay gin, Cointreau and lemon juice with Head Chef Dan’s magical home-made marmalade mix of oranges, lemons, rosemary and sugar.

And there’s more, as you would expect given the bar staff’s determination to compete with the culinary creativity of the kitchen team. Ocho Mojito is our take on a modern standard, Red Manhattan proves it is actually pretty good to mix the grape and the grain and Grey Goose le Fizz is a refreshing blend of the top quality vodka with St Germain Elderflower, fresh lime and soda.

Estilo Viejo shakes up Patron Anejo tequila with super-sweet agave syrup balanced by Angostura Bitters. Espresso Martini carries coffee with a big kick – Grey Goose vodka, Patron XO coffee and tequila liqueur, vanilla syrup and a shot of espresso from our friends at the Blending Room.

It’s a great cocktail collection, and we’re always up for new ideas if you have any.