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1884 Wine and Tapas Bar Hull

Come and savour the 1884 culinary experience.

1884 Wine & Tapas Bar
Freedom Quay // Wellington Street West
Marina // Hull // HU1 2BE

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Boats and bananas inspire a New Year treat

Boats and bananas are among the inspirations for a fantastic New Year event at 1884 Wine & Tapas Bar which will take us into 2018 – the anniversary of the end of the Great War – with memories of Hull’s military past.

We’ll also be taking on board the advice of the City of Culture team to bring down the curtain on Hull’s year in the spotlight and to launch a lasting legacy by signing off with a big party.

That’s how we started the year, with a sensational night as the fireworks flew high above the Humber. We’ll end it by remembering the bravery of the people of Hull who fought in two World Wars, and by recalling how those left at home made the most of the good things in life.

A menu based on traditional dishes will include our take on bread and dripping =, plus a ham hock and pig’s trotter, breaded pork faggots, picked duck eggs, braised ox tongue and pumpkin piccalilli.

Remembering the Viola steam trawler, which sailed from the marina for maritime front-line duties in the First World War, we’ll serve a local ale-poached cod with a samphire slaw, Hansons pattie bonbon and our own 1884 chip spice potatoes.

The main of venison loin with a gin glaze and rosemary and lavender stuffing will be served with roast celeriac, clapshot and braised leeks. Dessert will be something with banana, remembering the Fyffes banana shed which sat across the lock from our restaurant, and which was bombed during the Second World War.

We’re putting together a programme of entertainment for the evening and a few surprises. Like this: did you know that Edward Wathen Fyffe was a young tea trader who first saw bananas on a visit to the Canary Islands – in 1884!

To find out more about our New Year celebration and to book a table please call us on 01482 216306.


New menu turns up the heat

Our award-winning chefs are showing their ingenuity yet again with some fantastic flavours in our exciting new menu.

As ever we’ve kept a few of the dishes which are established as firm favourites with our discerning diners, and we’ve added some new creations which complement the classics perfectly and which also stand up for themselves.

The calamar keeps its place alongside the ever-popular meatballs, mussels and pressed belly pork, the patatas bravas with their warming combination of chorizo and chilli, and the setas de castano – wild mushrooms that drive you… well… wild!

We’ve also got two types of prawns to suit your preference but we’ve switched the seabass for a more manageable portion which includes butternut squash, white onion puree and a pistachio crumb. Butternut squash also appears in a new veggie dish – calabaza – which is packed with flavour from chillies, herbs, sherry and a garlic butter. Cauliflower comes roasted in a bhaji style with coriander, paprika and cumin, and there’s a baked camembert topped with a pistachio crumb and those padron peppers which are such a hit with the hanging skewers.

A newer skewer option – try saying that after a glass or two of Pulpo! – is the alitas de pollo, or chicken wings glazed with tabasco, chilli and coriander.

To try the delights for yourself please book online or call us on 01482 216306 – quickly, before the chefs shake it up again!


The classic colours of Autumn, over ice

There’s a winter warmer feel to our new selection of cocktails, with darker spirits to the fore and some comforting combinations of chocolate and orange.

Winter Negroni brings together a special, house-infused Star of Bombay gin with Martini Ambrato and Campari, served over ice with an orange wedge finish. Bobby Burns stirs Dewar’s 12-year-old whisky with Benedictine and Martini Rosso, over ice with lemon zest.

There’s a Grey Goose vodka for every palate! The original comes with Disaronno Amaretto, cranberry juice, lime juice and honey, shaken and served in a martini glass with lemon zest. The citron version combines with Benedictine, lemon juice, egg white syrup and grapefruit juice.

If you prefer Grey Goose pear, it’s there with Disaronno Amaretto and Martini Bianco, over ice with lemonade. Grey Goose L’Orange is shaken with Patron XO Café, Cointreau, chocolate liqueur and espresso.

We’ve also got a home-made mulled wine, suitably spiced and further enlivened with Cointreau and Santa Teresa 1796 rum. Because it gets windy down here by the Humber.


Children’s menu is a family favourite

With the marina and Fruit Market area more family-friendly we’re getting a lot of interest in our dedicated children’s menu.

The selections feature a mini paella with homemade garlic bread or Manchego cheese on homemade bread with cucumber sticks. Other options are chicken breast with potato scallops and garden peas or braised beef with mashed potatoes and beef sauce.

All dishes are made with fresh ingredients and served with a dessert of fresh fruit, and the price for the lot is just £5.

Deborah Spicer, manager of 1884 Wine & Tapas Restaurant, said: “We get a lot of families here and they can usually find something on the menu that children like but we felt we could make things a bit easier and more affordable.

“Families are visiting attractions including The Deep and Dinostar and then having a wander round the area. We’re ready for them with a children’s menu which is fresh, full of flavour and just £5!”